Charlotte County and surrounding SWFL areas have been growing fast as we know. Home prices are the highest they have been in over a decade; this is due to the rapid growth of out-of-state buyers transitioning down to the area. Surveys show the top 3 reason for the recent residence increase is weather, taxes, and governance. This has its pros and cons, Charlotte County is going to benefit from the growth, however, the long-time residence will see inflation occur around them. 

The Statistics for Charlotte County


This data recorded is from the Downs & St Germain report, following are some of the key differences in change over the last year.

·         $6,071,981 collected in tourist development taxes (up 36.8%)

• 863,000 visitors (up 23.4%)

• $844 million in total economic impact (up 35.7%)

• 1.1 million hotel/vacation homeroom nights (up 11.4%)

These additional figures demonstrate how vital tourism is to our economy

• Tourism supports 10,752 jobs in Charlotte County (one job for every 80 visitors)

• Tourism jobs generate $248,251,200 in wages and salaries

• Visitors save each county household an average of $875 on their annual tax liability (up from $703 in FY 2020)

Charlotte County and the surrounding areas continue to grow. Hopefully, this increase in economic holds will positively benefit Charlotte County & its residents in the upcoming years.


 By Bailey Workman

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