Venice property owners prefer becoming part of the action. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option. Interactive escape games thrust players right into playful plots. The latest and greatest trend in the entertainment industry, escape games keep it real! At Gr8 Escape Challenge it’s ready, set and go. Players find themselves immersed in suspenseful scenarios ready to challenge their minds and their strength of will. As the clock counts down clues must be found, evidence gathered, and escapes attempted.

Time Is of the Essence Near Venice Homes

Themed rooms feature mind- blowing scenarios that propel participants into fun. A variety of rooms are up for grabs. It’s a whole new world in Area 51. White lights illuminate Roswell and then everything goes dark. Teams trek lightly in the erriness. Finding themselves in peril a group of reporters must unveil the truth before being captured by extraterrestrials or secured by government agents.

Things get a bit creepy in the themed room JIG. Captives must outwit an insane serial killer before becoming the next victim. Bravery and cunning play a part in getting out of this game. Intense action and mature subject material may not be appropriate for youngsters so GR8 Escape Challenge issues a warning to participants before they enter.

It’s a matter of life and death in the King’s Gambit. A notorious hitman is on the loose and players are hot on his trail. He is closing in on his next victim. Teams must identify both his target and where the hit is to take place. Can the group save the day and accomplish a successful rescue on the Venice property? Only time will tell.

Up to eight players can enter all three rooms. Friendly staff members are ready and willing to answer questions at 941.412.3939. Accept the challenge and reserve a spot online today. Gr8 Escape Challenge is located close to Venice homes at 571 US Bypass N. Enter if you dare.