It feels like almost every year we know someone; it may even be ourselves, that fails their New Year’s Resolution. This is my main problem with the traditional "New Year’s Resolutions". I feel the reason this occurs is due to most of the time people setting themselves up with dreams and wishes, not goals with a target date. What I mean by this is, people implement no structural change throughout their day to be achieving their desired outlook. The two needed skills that any coach around the world will tell you to need for success, are discipline and consistency. They are 100 percent right. Here are some tips that will help you build structure in the day.

1) Time Blocking your Days

2)Write Down Weekly and Monthly Goals 

3) Digital Calendar with Reminders

4) Set up a strict 60-day routine and follow it. 

Please comment below with your New Years Resolutions! We are thrilled to hear them! 

 By Bailey Workman